Parallels Mac Management offline activation

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If the server on which you have Parallels Proxy installed has limited or no Internet access, you can use the offline activation method described below:

NOTE: Please contact your account executive to have offline activation enabled

  1. Open the Configuration Manager console.

  2. Navigate to Administration/Overview/Parallels Mac Management/Licenses.

  3. Right-click your site in the Licenses list and choose Activate license.

  4. The Parallels Mac Management - Activate License dialog opens.

  5. Input your license key and select the Activate offline option.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click the Save button to save to offline activation request file. Specify a location and file name and click Save. Do not close the Parallels Mac Management - Activate License dialog.

  8. You now need to obtain the license activation file from Parallels My Account. To do so, visit and sign in using your email address and password.

  9. Once signed in, click the button next to your user name to open a side menu.

  10. In the side menu, expand the Parallels Mac Management section and click Offline Activation and Validation.

  11. On the Offline Activation and Validation page, specify the offline activation request file you saved earlier.

  12. Follow the instructions and download the license activation file.

  13. Go back to the Configuration Manager console. In the Parallels Mac Management - Activate License dialog, click Browse and select the license activation file you've obtained from Parallels My Account.

  14. Click Next. Your license information is displayed on the screen. Review the information and click Activate.

  15. On successful activation, the display value of the License status column in the Licenses list in the SCCM console changes to Activated.

Your Parallels Mac Management installation is activated and the activation information is added to your Parallels My Account.

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